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Hippie Bedding

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Hippie Bedding Set

Hippie Bedding

☮️ Create a room filled with peace, love and vibrant colors with this collection of hippie comforter covers. Fun and colorful, this one will put you in a good mood as soon as you wake up.

Display a volkswagen van in the center of your bed or the famous peace logo in a multitude of warm and bright colors.

Short histoy of the Hippie movement

The hippie movement was born in the United States in the 1960s. Composed of young adults born of the post-war baby boom, it rejects traditional values and the consumer society in favor of ecology and a freer and more egalitarian society. In search of new sensory and artistic experiences, drug use became widespread, often associated with psychedelia and experimental music.

From a musical point of view, the hippie movement gave birth to major festivals such as the Summer of Love in 1967, where Jimmy Hedrix and the band The Who performed on stage for the first time. The hippie movement reached its peak in 1969 with the famous Woostock Festival.

The decline of the Peace & Love movement came in December 1969 following several consecutive incidents: the Rolling Stones concert ending in a fight, the death of Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison due to excesses and the use of hard drugs and finally the proximity of the serial killer Charles Manson to the hippie movement and psychedelia.

Softness of the fabric

The polyester fabric, microfiber type, has been selected for our ornaments because it has many advantages. Indeed, it benefits from a great flexibility that so-called natural fibers such as cotton or linen do not have, which can sometimes prove to be rough. This elasticity gives it a great softness. Thus, your comforter cover will always remain pleasant to the touch and cosy. This will also be the case for all your bed linen, sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases or bolster covers which will be made in this material, or in pure organic cotton. This is all the more important for household linen intended to furnish a child's bed.

Absence of folds

Synthetic fibres, such as polyester or microfibre, offer many qualities. They are much easier to care for than satin, cotton satin, flannel or percale. In particular, the flexibility of this fabric allows it to unfold easily. No more ironing! You can install your hippie bed set and hippie bed sheets directly on your bedding with its pillowcase or pillowcases in the case of a double bed, and you will get a beautiful finish, without folds that spoil the decorative effect of your bed linen. In the same way, in the morning, your comforter and its cover will be laid out as on the first day with a simple tap.

Composition of the Hippie Bedding sets

Your Hippie comforter is a top quality manufacture. Indeed, its seams are reinforced to guarantee its solidity. Its texture is made of high density polyester, microfiber type. The choice of this material allows our printed hippie bed sets, even reversible, to keep its colors and patterns intact. It is also what gives it its softness and makes it easy to clean. As a reminder, there is no need to iron it. All our bed linen sets, with or without flat sheets, have the same characteristics and will easily match any plain fitted sheet.

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