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Modern Bedding Set

Modern Bedding Set

modern bedding set
Our Modern bedding sets feature the most trendy designs for your bedroom decoration. Discover luminous colors that highlight your bedding as well as contemporary and exclusive patterns.

These bed linen sets have been specifically selected to meet the needs of adults and teenagers who wish to highlight or refresh their decoration.

A modern and elegant bedroom

Modernize your bedroom by simply opting for a modern comforter cover is the assurance of sleeping in a bed with a unique design! Match plain or colored sheets with your new comforter cover to create an authentic bedroom decor to your taste. Your bedding thanks you!

A modern bedding set to match your bedroom decoration

Each room is unique and at Bedding-Store™ we understand that. This is why we do everything possible to provide you with a large catalog to satisfy your desires. If you like colors, then our yellow grey black comforter cover should seduce you. For a teenager's bedroom, why not opt for the purple comforter cover ? More classic but still trendy, our white gray comforter cover will probably work wonders in your bedroom, unless you prefer the black and white comforter cover.

Modern Duvet Cover: Dimensions & Quality of Manufacture

Our Bed Sets are composed of a Duvet Cover, and two Pillow Cases at least. Some Bed Sets are offered with an extra Flat Sheet for the same price!

Modern Duvet Sheets and Bed Linens sets are made of synthetic polyester microfibers for a top-of-the-line, finely woven, percale-woven textile material, for your utmost comfort! They are therefore resistant to machine washing and ironing.

Our products are all certified hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite for your greatest comfort.

Most of our modern Duvet Covers are available in twin, full, queen and king size.

The Room Decoration according to your tastes is just a click away and at a low price!

Softness of the fabric

The polyester fabric, microfiber type, has been selected for our ornaments because it has many advantages. Indeed, it benefits from a great flexibility that so-called natural fibers such as cotton or linen do not have, which can sometimes prove to be rough. This elasticity gives it a great softness. Thus, your comforter cover will always remain pleasant to the touch and cosy. This will also be the case for all your bed linen, sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases or bolster covers which will be made in this material, or in pure organic cotton. This is all the more important for household linen intended to furnish a child's bed.

Absence of folds

Synthetic fibres, such as polyester or microfibre, offer many qualities. They are much easier to care for than satin, cotton satin, flannel or percale. In particular, the flexibility of this fabric allows it to unfold easily. No more ironing! You can install your comforter cover directly on your bedding with its pillowcase or pillowcases in the case of a double bed, and you will get a beautiful finish, without folds that spoil the decorative effect of your bed linen. In the same way, in the morning, your comforter and its cover will be laid out as on the first day with a simple tap.

Composition of the cover

Your modern comforter cover is a top quality product. Indeed, its seams are reinforced to guarantee its solidity. Its texture is made of high-density polyester, microfiber type. The choice of this material allows your printed comforter cover, even reversible, to keep its colors and patterns intact. It is also what gives it its softness and makes it easy to clean. As a reminder, there is no need to iron it. All our bed linen sets, with or without flat sheets, have the same characteristics and will easily match any plain fitted sheet.

How to take care of my modern bedding set ?

First of all, you should know that all our comforter covers and bed linen sets have been selected for their polyester construction. Indeed, this microfibre type fabric offers unparalleled ease of maintenance because it is particularly suitable for machine washing. Do not hesitate to put your printed cover, sheets and pillowcases in it. Simply set the temperature to 30 or 40 degrees maximum and choose a gentle spin cycle. Use your usual washing product, the same as for your clothes. However, in the case of a bed linen set intended for a cot, we recommend a detergent that will respect the fragile skin of the youngest. Marseille soap is particularly indicated. Thus treated, your household linen will come out as new. For drying, you can use a tumble dryer, always at low temperature. However, synthetic fibers are so light and quick to dry that we recommend a simple hanging, if possible in the sun. Your bed linen will be ready to be reinstalled without waiting on your bedding if you wish. Moreover, your printed set does not require ironing, no more ironing! Even after several washes, your comforter cover will still look impeccable and will give you satisfaction for many nights.

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